"Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar" 2016

Here begins the most beautiful shopping time of the year!

Einkaufszeit auf dem Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar
Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar
Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar

Welcome to "Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar" ("Sindelfingen Christmas Bazaar") the popular consumer fair that will whet your appetite for Christmas!

On 8,000m², in Messe Sindelfingen, the exhibitors will present an huge range of products: Culinary delights both local and from around the great big world, crafts and decorations, antiques, paintings, furniture, cosmetics, toys, fashion, textiles, jewelry, florists, health and wellness products, as well as plenty of useful and beautiful things for the home, yard and garden. Indulge yourself in a wealth of gift ideas, enjoy the Christmas delicacies, and let the colorful, friendly atmosphere take it's effect on you.

Who bakes the best gingerbread house?

Lebkuchenhaus-Wettbewerb auf dem Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar (Foto: fotolia.de #98586501)zoom

Almonds, honey, and spice... At our large gingerbread house contest, Christmas is in the air.
Join us and bring your personally designed building! We will build a romantic large gingerbread town out of all the submitted gingerbread houses.
Visitors to "Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar" will choose the three most beautiful works of art from that.

Click here for more information and the application forms

Himmlische Sonderschauzoom

"Heavenly" special show

They are considered the absolute Christmas messenger. In a large special show, at "Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar", enchanting angels and Santas will present a Christmas tree.

Look forward to an impressive selection of "heavenly" figures of glass in different sizes, which will be provide a loving Christmas spirit at the Christmas bazaar as well as for your home.

Welcome to the magical world of Christmas!


Here all your hearts beat faster for Christmas:
The romantic "Christmas World" in the pavilion will provide anticipation for the advent season and a festive mood. Let yourself be surprised by the handcrafted treasures and search through a rich selection of genuine craftsmanship to pick our your favorite piece....
The magic of Christmas cards, classic Christmas decorations, sweet fruit jams, aromatic herbal teas, and sparkling twinkling lights....
From doll clothes to traditional candle arches from Erzgebirge, everything for Christmas patrons is here!

Tryout Ice Age art yourself: Mammoth hands-on workshop

Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasarzoom

The first art of mankind was built by the stone age people 40,00 years ago out of tusks from the woolly-haired mammoth. These were small human and animal figures, jewlery and even flutes.
The Dip. Designer / ivory carver Bernhard Roeck invites all children, as well as older people at "Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar" to carve for themselves their own artwork similar to the Ice Age artists of fossils, mammoth ivory, amber, horns and bones.

Impressive real looking, life-size mammoth replicas intend to inspire everyone in the party, both young and old alike. Our advise: Don't forget your camera!

Huge Raffle: Christmas wishes come true

Coming together for neighbors: Together with the organization "Nachbarn in Not" ("Neighbors in Need"), Messe Sindelfingen,the Ritary Club Sindelfingen, the Rotaract Club Sindelfingen-Böblingen, and the SZ/BZ organize a huge raffle with high quality attractive prizes at the Christmas Bazaar. The proceeds for the raffle are intended for "Christmas wishes" to fulfill the heart's desire of the families and people in need from "Nachbarn in Not".

Mitmachprogramm auf dem Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasarzoom

Cookie baking, crafts ...

And more will be provided at "Sindelfinger Weihnachtbasar". Games, fun, and lots of Christmas anticipation with lots of interactive activities for both the young and old.

From baking cookies for the children to making handcrafts together, there is lots to do in the "Christmas World".

Musik und mehr auf dem Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasarzoom

Music and More: A colorful program!

Christmas tones, children singing, and lots of fun await both the young and old on the big stage at the Christmas bazaar.

Look forward to a colorful abundance of musical performances, concerts with participation, and exciting entertainment.


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