"Fisch & Reptil 2016"

The dream habitat for all aquarium and terrarium hobbyists.
Welcome to "Fisch & Reptil 2016" ("Fish & Reptile 2016")!

Three fantastic "cold-blooded" days away an enthusiastic audience again. From 2-4 December 2016, dealers and manufactures from all across Europe will present their breathtaking wide variety here at "Fisch & Reptil".
With a rich, fascinating selection on a total of 6000m², top-notch expertise, spectacular competitions and demonstrations within the framework of the program, now makes "Fisch & Reptil" the most important fair of the industry in Germany.

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Discus fish, cichlids, guppies, and rainbow fish... see all these beautiful and colorful underwater-dwellers and more at "Fisch & Reptil", along with expert advice and a perfect selection for species specific feeding and care.

A small ocean in the middle of the living room, or perhaps an under water worlds self-designed with roots stones and plants? Whether it's marine or freshwater aquariums, aquascaping refined, or even nano tanks for a kid's room, our professionals have a wide selection of aquariums, aquatic plants, latest equipment, and personal consultation just for you. The same is true for our rich range of terrariums, aquaterraria, paludariums, and their installation.

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Lizards, snakes, spiders and beetles:

Terrariums will be presented at "Fisch & Reptil" again in all it's facets. Our exhibitors are renowned experts and inform at the same time about nutrition, care and management for these dazzling, mysterious creatures.

Fair motto for 2016: "Knowledge protects animals"

Animals make people better. Whoever bring an animal home, must also assume responsibility. The pet must be humanely cared for and maintained even if you want to go on vacation. This is especially true for reptiles. More and more "compromised animals" such as giant snakes or iguanas in home and/or sanctuaries are abandoned somewhere. "Knowledge protects animals" is therefore the motto for this year's "Fisch & Reptil". Only those who are sufficiently informed about the nature and needs of the their new housemates before buying an animal, can better asses wither this really fits into their family and life. The "Reptilium Landau" and "Auffangstation für Reptilien" in Munich will bring their "Klassiker der Abgabe" to the exhibition stage and provide detailed information the most important considerations before purchasing an animal and the most common problems. An important aid for any animal purchasing decision so that the coexistence between humans and animals is truly a successful story as well.

A huge variety of ornamental fish, invertebrates, and reptiles can be found on all three days of the fair, which await visitors in the gallery. Many experienced breeders share their tips and tricks for husbandry here.


Aqua-terra symposium and workshops

Parallel to the sales exhibition, you'll find informative symposiums and workshops on freshwater, saltwater, and terrariums with renowned speakers. Entrance to the symposiums and workshops are included in the admission price. "Fisch & Reptil" is especially in the leading position in the field of saltwater. The annual meeting of saltwater patrons from all over Germany is here in Sindelfingen and has long since become an industry known tradition.

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Haven for Champions: Terrascaping Competition

Our successful Terrascaping Competition going into round 2. Once again this year at "Fisch & Reptil", we invite all terrarium design artists to create their unique landscapes before they eyes of the public on these three days. Fantastic individual clips of a nature scene, decorated with stones, wood, roots, plants and other natural materials. Already last year "Fisch & Reptil" was a haven for champions. Piet Schiller, the winner of the last fair's competition "Swamp - Let's get swampy" was nominated at this year's World Cup in Hannover Terrascaping world championship. We give our congratulations! Also this year the winners of the competition again wave attractive "terrarium prices".

Now in Sindelfingen: The Shrimp Championship 2016

Another important competition from the scene takes place this year at "Fisch & Reptil". In total 15 groups of private breeders of various dwarf shrimp species and shades of color compete against each other at the Shrimp Championship competition. The winners will be announced and awarded on Sunday at the fair. The subsequent action will be a good chance to buy copies from the competition and maybe even a winning dwarf shrimp.
Information on registration revolving around the competition can be found here:


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Opening & Closing Times

open to the public


Adults - €10
Children under 15 - free

Entry fee to the Aqua-Terra Seminar included.


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